Professional addiction services

The addiction services professional provides specialized services to support you in managing complex files of workers struggling with addictions and/or mental health issues

The experience and the expertise of our addiction services professional accompanies workers, employers and unions in search of a secure and sustainable return to work.

Professional addiction services
for records followed with CEMTA

The addiction services professional undertakes to perform the following tasks assigned by CEMTA:
Guide and support your agent assigned to the record in order to list all the relevant medical and administrative documents of interest, and identify complementary documents to obtain with authorizations from the worker.
Establish the sequence of steps involved in the medical review of the record, the administrative steps required during medical follow-up of the record and assessments with the consulting-physician.
Administer baseline psychometric tests based on the elements in the record.
Guide the agent throughout the medical-administrative follow-up on the record in response to recommendations issued by the consulting-physician, and monitor to application of those recommendations.
Draft letters to the attending physician, case workers, the manager, and human resources, if applicable.
Follow up on medical evidence and requirements with your agent assigned to the record.
Assist your agent in determining the opportune moment for optional screening tests.
Help your agent assigned to the record prepare the medical record in the event of legal proceedings and representations in court.
Be available to answer any questions the agent may have during the record follow-up process.
Access to professional addiction services