Nurse-consultant services

The nurse-consultant provides clinical services to support your team managing complex medical files in your workplace.

The experience and the clinical expertise of our nurse-consultant accompanies workers, employers and unions in search of a secure and sustainable return to work

Nurse-consultant for records
followed in collaboration with CEMTA

The nurse-consultant undertakes to perform the following tasks assigned by CEMTA:
Analyze medical records, prepare a treatment plan, and monitor the evolution of records.
Submit opinions and clinical advice in relation to COVID-19 record management or short- and long-term sick leave or work accidents, and monitor the medical evolution of records.
Provide communications with the attending physician and care workers, employees, management and associated partners, if applicable.
Draft post-treatment reports and recommendations.
Draft letters to attending physicians and caregivers as well as requests for independent medico-legal assessments, including in specialized medicine, rehabilitation and neuropsychology.
Monitor the implementation of recommendations made by the consulting-physician, the medical expert or consultants in rehabilitation or neuropsychology.
Conduct assessments of work stations in work or home settings, based on the offer of telework permitted.
Respond to all other requests, based on the needs of clients.
Access to nurse-consultant services