CEMTA is a medical consulting firm that assesses medical conditions, analyses employability, and determines the modalities of a return to the workplace for workers with acute or chronic health conditions or following a sick leave.

Our medical consultants assist the client in facilitating and promoting a safe and sustainable return to the workplace and preserving the employability and the productivity of workers.

A new generation of medical consultants

Our team paves the way for today’s new generation of medical consultants with our innovative medical approaches to workers, employers, unions, treating physicians, therapists, medical experts, and lawyers.

Our firm serves many professional orders throughout Québec.

Our medical experience and expertise have enabled us to support workers, employers, and unions helping them build a safe and secure workplace.

Our philosophy is based on the importance of communication and cooperation amongst stakeholders: employees, human resources, management, unions, treating doctors and therapists.

We build trusting relationships thanks to our authentic approach, which is friendly yet disciplined.

Our services are acclaimed for their sustainable and global solutions.


Our medical consultants assist the client in the search for the best management practices for workers with physical or psychological health problems, including addictions.

We provide services to various legal bodies. Our medical consultants identify the most pressing medical issues to determine whether there is conclusive medical evidence, if not, the client can investigate alternative solutions. 

We also host provincial, national and international conferences.

We offer training to various small, medium and large corporate clients, Crown corporations, federations, associations and organizations on a regular basis.

Our team is acclaimed for:

  • Their ability to communicate effectively with workers, business managers, human resources, treating medical team, therapists, unions, legal affairs, medical experts, etc.
  • Their collaboration with administrative and union bodies, helping them organize a safe and sustainable return to the workplace
  • Their effective collaboration with the treating medical team, helping them organize a safe and sustainable return to the workplace
  • Their comprehensive and concise written reports  
  • Their concern and their willingness to support you medically in the management of your medical dossiers – whether they are simple or complex
  • Their concern to maintain the employability and the productivity of workers

Their experience in various work environments

We support approximately 30 clients, which represent more than 100,000 workers in Quebec in these particular fields:

  • Aeronautics,
  • Furniture design and retail sale,
  • Construction,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Development/production/distribution and marketing of food products,
  • Labour law,
  • Teaching,
  • Hotel industry,
  • Hydroelectricity,
  • Hospitals,
  • Municipal,
  • Pharmacology,
  • Refining and distribution of petroleum products,
  • Steel industry,
  • Telecommunication,
  • Textile,
  • Public, rail and air transportation
Consultants et Expertises en Médecine du Travail et Addictions

Marked with a stethoscope, an acoustic medical instrument used for auscultation, i.e., listening to the internal sounds of the body. This instrument allows the medical consultant to better hear human sounds. It symbolizes the act of listening and understanding.


Marked with a steel square, recalling that every action should be done in all rectitude. It represents effort, discipline, accuracy, and balance.


Marked with the Rod of Asclepius. The rod symbolizes power, authority, and dignity. This plant-based staff symbolizes the vitality that is found in nature, while the venomous snake symbolizes both life and death. Its poison has the power to either kill or cure, depending on the dose. This is why it is imperative to find a balance between two extremes; hence, the principle that medicine is both an art of human relations and a science.


Represented with a mallet, a symbol of intelligence and perseverance, the awakening and critical thought of those who, in silence, seek the truth. It represents training and creativity, that work is a continuum of rehabilitation


A distilling apparatus that separates chemicals from liquids by heating and cooling. It represents the dynamics of engaging interaction; exchanges that evolve through discussion, reflection, and insight to reach a constructive purpose. Alembics were first used to distill medicine, flavour, and scent in order to make floral water, essential oils, pharmaceuticals, and eventually liquor made from fermented fruit juice.

Access to expert advice
in occupational and addiction medicine