Our team of medical consultants offers services according to your needs and your business reality.

Our clinical experience and medical expertise in the workplace have enabled us to support workers, employers, and unions who strive for a safe and secure workplace environment.

Medical-administrative file management

We support approximately 30 clients, which represent more than 100,000 workers in Quebec. We offer:

Support for all medical dossiers

Support for addiction dossiers

Support for mental health dossiers

Support CNESST dossiers

Coaching clients


Pre-hiring medical examination

Medical advice

The medical consultant discusses the file with the client before and after the analysis and produces a written report of her or his discussions and interventions with the client.

Based on the client's dossiers

The client discusses work files with the medical consultant and submits documents, as well as any medical records considered relevant.

Communications between the client and the medical consultant are done over phone, emails and the client's computarized medical record. 

The medical consultant issues recommendations to the client through written reports.

Addictions or mental health dossiers

The medical consultant discusses with the client to better understand the worker's poor performance or behaviour and/or work attendance that could be linked to addiction or a mental health issue.

Our services include:  

  • a complete study of the employee’s medical file
  • an additional medical evaluation and a follow-up on the history of the employee’s addiction or mental health issue
  • discussions and exchanges with the doctor and the stakeholders
  • a follow-up on assessments of random alcohol or drug screening
  • a follow-up on the medical development with the client
  • coaching on how to support and accommodate employees dealing with addiction or mental health issues
  • collaboration with legal authorities if needed
  • representation in court in the event of a legal dispute

Short-term and long-term insurance plan dossiers

Employers request a medical evaluation from their employees in an effort to clarify any medical concerns.

The client identifies employees with poor performance, behaviour, and/or attendance that may be related to a physical or psychological health problem.

The medical consultant assesses files and meets with the employer and determines whether the problems occurring in the workplace are medically related or not.

In the event that the problem is of a medical origin, the  medical consultant provides support and explains to the employer the conditions where the worker can work safely and effectively. 

In the absence of a medical condition, management is notified, and the situation is managed administratively.

We also offer medical counseling services for long-term insurance plans, the Société d’assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) or under the Indemnisation des victimes d’actes criminels (IVAC) plan.

CNESST dossiers

The client and the medical consultant discuss the files and develop a collaborative approach to simplify case follow-ups, eliminate unnecessary costs and judiciously choose medical-administrative interventions.

The medical consultant determines whether there is a correlation between the diagnosis and the incident that took place and also determines the cost associated with the incident. 

We offer our services as designated physicians.

An independent medical assessment of the employee can be made according to the dossier.

If required, we provide representation at the CNESST administrative tribunal.  

Complex and longstanding dossiers

The client identifies 5 to 10 difficult to solve files that have become costly over time.   

The medical consultant undertakes a full assessment of records and determines whether a medical alternative is available in order to resolve any issues.  

In this case, the medical consultant assists the client with carrying out the necessary medical-administrative steps respecting a time frame and set deadlines.


The client discusses his medical-administrative concerns with the medical consultant, and together they develop an approach for short, medium and long-term results.

As a result, the client will be able to manage medical dossiers more effectively.

We provide coaching on an ad hoc basis.

Clients of CEMTA

  • Medical managers of dossiers in public or private companies
  • Business managers and human resources advisors
  • Trade union centers
  • Legal services
  • Treating physicians or medical experts
  • Insurance companies
  • Organizational development firms
  • Organizers of conferences, congresses, continuing professional education, etc.
Access to expert advice
in occupational and addiction medicine